Friday Eve Favorites

I’ve decided September is my favorite month. I love the weather, I love the anticipation of Halloween, there is so many fun activities to do here in Utah, and I find so much inspiration this time of year.  Do any of you feel this same way?


There is something special about the crisp mornings and warm afternoons.

This time of year always brings me back to my senior year of high school.
I remember exactly what I was wearing (this is normal for me when I have a vivid memory), and I was walking out to the car from school and it was warm, but not to hot. It warmed my soul, and I fell in love with that feeling. It was such a simple time in life, and all I wanted was to grown up, I wanted to know who I was going to marry. Who I was going to be as a wife. How many kids I was going to have, and what they would be like. I didn’t want to be in high school anymore. I wanted to be 5 years older with everything figured out. It obviously didn’t work out that way, but I was always a girl who looked to the future. So now when I feel that sun that’s just warm enough, I think of this memory.


Now a days life moves so fast, I find myself trying to chase the day so I don’t lose it.. Does that even make sense. I don’t want this time of year to go by without trying to enjoy it. So I’ve made some plans to really enjoy this season.

First up- Frightmares at Lagoon… who’s going?


Next, Evermore Park- this place is magical. Last year was our first year going, we ended up going twice because we loved it so much. Here’s a link to their website, so you can see how magical this place really is.


Something that’s we can do right from our home, is read a spooky book. We love to read at night, so I just ordered this vampire book, and this thriller/murder mystery.


We obviously will go to a pumpkin patch, and all the haunted houses. My least favorite haunted house is Asylum 49 in Tooele. They freaking grab you and take you from the group, and then there’s different rooms with different fears. For example, the worst is the black room that has hanging garbage bags all over. So not only can you not see, but it’s so claustrophobic and terrifying.  It’s the worst, I don’t know why we pay people to scare the crap out of us, haha.


Oh, and I almost forgot. I made some pumpkin spice bagels on Sunday. I used this recipe and they turned out amazing! I made mine a little smaller, which I’m glad I did. I would say the bagels are a good mix between the mini ones, and the regular bagels. Something else I would note is, make sure you spray the parchment paper with cooking spray. My bagels stuck to the bottom which wasn’t very fun to peel off.  I enjoyed the process even though it took a couple hours to make, some things are worth the memories, and these definitely were.


Somethings that brought joy to my week is, listening to this beautiful podcast. it really inspired me and I wanted to share it with you. This podcast is called Reborn by Ashley Horner, and the episodes I’m referring to is the Ashley’s Reborn Story Part 1-3.  She has always been someone I looked up to. I love her grit and she inspires me so much to show up and live my passion. I really loved hearing more about her story and where she came from, and what inspired her to get where she is today.


I know every year we get the spring cleaning bug, but I definitely feel that itch more in the fall. I liked this article from Food52 about bringing “stuff” into the house. I liked it, so I’m linking it here.


So I need to know, are you here for all things fall, or are you over all the fall hype??


Happy Friday Eve! I hope you enjoyed it, see you next week.



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