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Easy Blueberry Muffins- Toddler Friendly

Some mornings you wake up, and you’re like…. “I want blueberry muffins” 🙂 That’s how these delicious muffins came to past 🙂 Majority of my recipes are super simple to make, these muffins took five minutes to throw together and

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4th of July Berry Crisp

It’s our favorite (summer) holiday this weekend, and what better way to celebrate than with a red, white, and blue Berry Crisp! It’s super simple to make, and I’m sharing some tips on how I make this Berry Crispy a

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Homemade Red Pepper Queso Dip

A queso dip made with real cheese that’s velvety, rich, and has a mild hint of spice, that’s what I’m talking about. Best part about this dip (besides the flavor) is how you can add this dip to a list

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Frito Salad

Frito Taco Salad

For me this salad brings me back to my childhood home, our family sitting around the table. Like I can see it right now :). This was one of my favorite dinners growing up. It was so fun, and what

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Seven Layer Food

7 Layer Dip

I have always loved this appetizer…. or is it a meal because you cant stop eating it?? Appetizer or meal I am here for it, cause 7 Layer Dip is so dang good! I added a layer of crockpot chicken

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Jalapeno Poppers

Healthier Jalapeno Poppers

Jalapeno Poppers are my kind of game night food! They are delicious, unique, and oh so fatty! I remember buying a box of Jalapeno Poppers from Costco to enjoy while watching the super bowl back in the day. Oh my

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Buffalo Chicken Dip

Buffalo Chicken Dip- Made Healthy

So I heard the Super Bowl is almost here… and freaking Tom Brady is playing again. Dude, how can we even be mad? That dude is invincible. To be honest I only watch the commercials and half-time… if that. But

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